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Risky Business

The best business minds understand that every investment comes with risk. Whether you’re investing dollars in a renovation, time and resources in a special...

Go West

Jean-Yves Germain talks hotel investment and the family business A year ago, amidst dire predictions and Chicken Little hysteria from pundits and financial prognosticators, it...

The Dead Zone

After a dizzying number of transactions in 2007 and 2008, last year was eerily quiet To say 2009 was a down year in the...

Resort Retort

Despite a difficult 2009, Canadian resorts are optimistic about a rebound Life in the Canadian resort sector last year was no vacation. A quick...

Hope Springs Eternal

As Canada emerges from the dark days of the downturn, the hotel community looks forward to a stronger 2010 With the change in season,...

Brenda Rodricks

Montreal Airport Marriott Opening a brand new hotel has its own unique set of circumstances. But while it’s a demanding job, there’s also something...