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McDonald’s Canada Re-Introduces Smarties McFlurry

TORONTO — Six years after removing it from the menu, McDonald’s Canada has officially announced the return of the Smarties McFlurry at participating restaurants...

McDonald’s Expands Test of Plant-Based Burger

LONDON, Ont. — Starting next week, McDonald’s will expand the global test of its P.L.T (Plant. Lettuce. Tomato) to 52 locations across Southwestern Ontario. As of January 14,...

McDonald’s Selects Ontario As Launching Pad for New Plant-Based Burger

TORONTO — McDonald’s will be introducing a plant-based burger to 28 of its southwestern Ontario locations this fall, in an effort to gauge the item’s popularity before launching...

McDonald’s Canada Celebrates 50 Years of the Big Mac

TORONTO — To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, McDonald’s Canada is bringing back the Big Mac Bacon for a limited time. To...