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Hatch Hospitality Announces New Direction for Kate Colley and Ned Bell

VANCOUVER — Earlier this week, Kate Colley and Ned Bell announced they will be returning to Vancouver to focus on their consultancy, Hatch Hospitality....

Naramata Inn’s Introduces New “All-Inn” Exclusive Buyout Offer

NARAMATA, B.C. — The Naramata Inn has introduced a new “All-Inn” exclusive buyout offer for $120,000, available for only three weekends each year, to...

Naramata Hospitality Limited Partnership Takes Ownership of Naramata Inn

NARAMATA, B.C. — The Naramata Hospitality Limited Partnership has taken ownership of the Naramata Heritage Inn, situated on the shore of B.C.’s Okanagan Lake.  The Naramata Hospitality...