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Norm Macdonald Plays Colonel Sanders in New KFC Ad Campaign

LOUISVILLE, Ky.— In its latest advertising spot, Kentucky Fried Chicken will feature Last Comic Standing judge and Saturday Night Live veteran Norm Macdonald as its iconic...

KFC Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary with Redesign

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — In honour of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s 75th anniversary, the brand is reintroducing its founder, the Colonel, by bringing his down-home values and...

10 KFC Restaurants in Newfoundland to Convert to Healthier Fare

NEWFOUNDLAND — Renee Marquis, a KFC franchise owner of 10 restaurants in Newfoundland is letting her franchise license expire so she can open healthier...

Colonel Sanders’ Legend Lives On

TORONTO — Today, Sept. 9, marks the birthday of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders who, at the age of 40, began selling home-cooked Kentucky...

KFC China Customers Revolt

CHINA — KFC China was recently slammed with outraged customers who were denied discounts promised to them on allegedly fake coupons.The disgruntled chicken lovers,...