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Knorr Turns Toronto Home into Pop-up Takeout Restaurant

TORONTO — Knorr is taking over a Toronto home and turning it into a pop-up takeout restaurant called Yummy K’s. Beginning at 5 p.m....

Knorr Launches Plant-Based Pizza

ROTTERDAM, N.L. — Knorr has launched Plizza, a plant-based version of pizza. The recipe itself becomes a Plizza with three simple swaps, including making the...

Knorr Introduces New Liquid Seasonings

TORONTO — Unilever has launched Knorr Intense Flavours — five new liquid seasoning flavours. The miso umami, roast umami, citrus fresh, deep smoke and wild mushroom...

Unilever Launches Enhanced Service Offerings

TORONTO — Boasting a new logo and enhanced mandate, Unilever Food Solutions has upgraded its service offerings to help operators tackle key issues in...