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Leading into the Sunset

Compass Group Canada’s long-time leader talks recessions, revenues and retirement For almost 15 years, Jack MacDonald has been at the helm of Canada’s industrial...

Prime-Time Player

Nick Perpick credits his team for paving the way to success at Prime Restaurants Hardly a rookie on the scene, Nick Perpick has been...

Fresh Forward

Young CEO has has big plans to take his Freshii concept around the globe Matthew Corrin was 23-years-old when he opened the first Lettuce...

Staying Power

Shanna Munroe brings a new dimension to an old favourite in Ontario For more than a quarter of a century, Shanna Munroe has been...

Sustained Effort

Eco-conscious executive puts his good foot forward at Calgary-based coffee chain Gerry Docherty joined Good Earth Coffeehouse & Bakery four years ago, charged with...