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Operators Need to Fight for Their Share of the Coffee Market

Coffee is one of the key segments that makes the Canadian foodservice market so unique, but it also makes it vulnerable during these unusual...

Subway Plans to Close U.S. Stores, Build Global Reach

MILFORD, Conn. — Subway Restaurants is planning to shut down 500 of its U.S. locations this year, even as it plans to expand internationally,...

Financial Post: Foodservice That Caters to Millenials Is Winning Share

TORONTO — Foodservice operators that are honing in on millennials’ culinary preferences are winning QSR market share, according a story written by Denise Deveau...

NPD: Home Brewing Is Impacting Coffeehouse Sales

TORONTO — More Canadians are opting to brew their own cup of java at home, using single-serve machines, rather than getting their fix...