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Making Sense of Food Safety Legislation


Seinfeld fans will remember the episode when Jerry watches in horror as a pizza server breezes out of the bathroom without washing his hands, then offers the comedian a slice. While the exchange was hilarious on screen, the real-life implications could be very serious. After all, bacteria from unwashed hands can create a life-or-death issue, especially for children, senior citizens, pregnant women or the immuno-suppressed.

Fast-Casual Continues to Win Customer Attention


TORONTO — The fast-casual category is continuing to steal market share, and, according to a new study from the NPD Group, consumers are now choosing between food freshness/menu variety and speedy service/value pricing when determining what type of restaurant to patronize.

Marketplace Report Reveals Health and Safety Violations at Canadian Restaurants


TORONTO — A Friday episode of CBC’s Marketplace news series has revealed there are public health inspection report violations in almost one in four national chain restaurants.

CBC’s Marketplace Launches Investigation into Canadian Restaurant Chains

TORONTO — Jim Chan, a retired Toronto public health inspector, has revealed tips for uncovering problems with food safety and cleanliness at Canadian restaurants...