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B.C. Restaurants Remove Wild Salmon from Their Menus

VANCOUVER — In a political statement, restaurants across B.C. have taken local wild salmon off of their menu, opting instead to use native B.C....

Beverage Buzz: Whey — The Future of Vodka

Black Fly Beverage Co., located in London, Ont. is producing Canada’s first whey-based vodka. Named the Bob’s Super Smooth, this vodka is sweet, smooth...

MTY Takes Extreme Pita and Purblendz to Australia

MONTREAL — MTY Group, which acquired the Extreme Brandz group of companies in September, has announced it has entered into a master franchise agreement...

Scotch on the Rocks

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Scotch enthusiasts will be clamoring, albeit in vain, to get a taste of whisky that has spent the last century...

Canucks Win NZ Contest

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Cervena Venison of New Zealand announced the winners of its 2009 recipe contest recently, and two Canadian chefs earned nods...