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Starbucks Testing Compostable Cup in Vancouver

VANCOUVER — Starbucks has begun testing a more sustainable cup technology from the NextGen Cup Challenge in Vancouver, as well as Seattle,...

McDonald’s Canada Launches Green Concept Restaurants

TORONTO — McDonald’s Canada has unveiled two “Green Concept Restaurants” in London, Ont. and Vancouver as part of its continuing sustainability journey. The restaurants...

Starbucks Testing Greener Cups

SEATTLE — Starbucks is set to trial a selection of greener cup solutions in select cities around the world.

Closed Loop Partners, McDonald’s and Starbucks Issue the Nextgen Cup Challenge

NEW YORK CITY — Closed Loop Partners, in partnership with founding partners Starbucks and McDonald’s have launched of the NextGen Cup Challenge, which calls...

Starbucks Launches Accelerator Funding for Sustainable Cup Solutions

SEATTLE — Starbucks has committed $10 million, in partnership with Closed Loop Partners and its Center for the Circular Economy, to establish a consortium...