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Bloomberg: Burger King Severs Relationship with OSI Group


SHANGHAI, China — Following Yum China, Burger King is the latest quick-service restaurant to end its supplier relationship with OSI Group LLC after its Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd. unit was allegedly found supplying contaminated meat, reports Bloomberg.Yum China cut ties with the company last week.

Yum Cuts Ties with Shanghai Meat Supplier


SHANGHAI, China — Yum Brands has ended its relationship with meat supplier OSI Group LLC after factory workers at Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd. were reportedly found selling expired meat. After an investigation, McDonald’s has decided to stick around.

Yum, McDonald’s Partner Reportedly Supplies Expired Meat in China


SHANGHAI, China — The Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald’s Corp. and Louisville, Ky.-based Yum Brands are in hot water. This comes after Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd., a unit of Aurora, Ill.-based OSI Group LLC, who supplies food to the chains, reportedly provided expired meat to restaurants in Shanghai, China.