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Ready, Prep, Go! Food Trends and Operating Challenges are Driving Demand...

Trends toward healthy eating, plant-based lifestyles and farm-to-fork philosophies have continued to push a shift away from the use of pre-processed food...

Five Equipment Trends to Watch in 2020

Change is a given in the foodservice industry. From high to low tech, operators are constantly finding unique ways to incorporate new...

American Metalcraft Names New VP of Sales, Marketing & Global Sourcing

FRANKLIN PARK, Ill. — Lee Ann Kelly is the new vice-president of Sales, Marketing & Global Sourcing at American Metalcraft.

Chefs Weigh in on Building Their Dream Kitchen

A dream kitchen can be many things to many chefs. For some, the delight is found in the latest features and functions...

Hot & Cold

The first in a series of excerpts from The Next Course: Reinventing the Modern Urban Restaurant by André LaRivière While the restaurant business may “run...

Hendrix Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Opens Flagship Location

TORONTO — Hendrix Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has recently opened a flagship location in Toronto. The striking 10,000 square food space is fully stocked...