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South Korea to Lift Canadian Beef Ban

WINNIPEG — South Korea is on its way to lifting an eight-year ban on Canadian beef from cows younger than 30 months, Reuters...

Rising U.S. Food Prices Could Benefit Foodservice

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. — Rising food and grocery prices are sending U.S. diners to restaurants for cheaper meals, according to Harry Balzer, chief industry...

British and Irish Restos Step Up to Plate

LONDON — Last year was a tough one for the foodservice industry, but its clear U.K. restaurateurs didn’t skimp on quality.  According to a...

Food Prices Reach Record High

ROME — Food prices are the highest they’ve ever been, with costs peaking in December, according to various news reports.According to The Globe and...

NYC Aims to Cut Salt to Size

NEW YORK CITY  — It seems Canadians aren’t the only ones worrying about salt, considering a recent report out of the New York City...