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Form Meets Function in Today’s Restaurant Uniform Design

In the escalating fight for talent and patrons, the choice of uniforms is becoming a major selling point for many operations.

Examining the Relationship Between a Higher Minimum Wage, Tipping and EBITDA

On January 1 of this year, Ontario became Canada’s second province to mandate a significant increase in minimum wage in recent years. Many experts have commented...

The Labour Report: How Industry Changes are Affecting Labour Supply

In a world that’s gone mad for celebrity chefs and the latest food trends, diners are forcing restaurants to seek out ever-more top-notch staff....

Top Restaurant Complaints Revealed

YONKERS, N.Y. — Dirty utensils, grubby or ill-equipped restrooms and impolite servers are the top three restaurant complaints cited by respondents of a recent survey conducted by the Yonkers, N.Y.-based Consumer Reports National Research Center.

The Star: Upcoming Restaurant to Encourage Sign Language in T.O.

TORONTO — Diners will have to communicate their order in sign language, with the help of a cheat sheet, at the upcoming Signs Restaurant in Toronto, reports The Star.

Restaurant Servers Share Pet Peeves

It turns out, there’s a bucket list of bad behaviour exhibited by restaurant customers, so disgruntled servers and hosts vented their biggest pet peeves...

ORHMA Awards Coming Soon

TORONTO — Toronto and area restaurant workers will be vying for honours at the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association, (ORHMA) awards to be...

Life on the Job

It’s no secret — finding good employees in the service industry can be exceedingly hard as diners are busier and more demanding than ever....