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Government Suspends Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Foodservice Industry


OTTAWA — The foodservice sector may be facing serious labour shortages, but, in a rare move, the federal government has suspended the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program.

No Shortage of Wings in Canada This Super Bowl

Canadian Super Bowl fans can rest easy on this side of the border as there will be plenty of wings available for consumption when...

Increased Demand to Keep Coffee Prices Up

TORONTO — Increased coffee demand from China could mean coffee prices will remain high, according to to The Globe and Mail. The return of...

Veggie Tales

P.E.I. — Florida’s frigid temperatures continue to wreak havoc on its harvest and everyone from foodservice reps to customers are being left out in...

Chef Shortage

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – When the 2010 Fifa World Cup comes to South Africa next summer, bringing with it an influx of some 500,000...