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Toronto Restaurant to Launch Reusable Take-Out Container

TORONTO — Farm'r Eatery & Catering — a casual farm-to-table dine-in and take-out restaurant in downtown Toronto — has launched a reusable take-out container.

La Belle & La Boeuf Eliminates Single-Use Plastic

MONTREAL — La Belle & La Boeuf has launched a waste-reduction initiative by banning all types of single-use plastics from its 13...

Industry Reacts to Proposed Plastics Ban

TORONTO — A proposed ban on single-use plastics is drawing a mixed reaction from members of the foodservice industry and other business groups.

Recipe Unlimited to Eliminate Plastic Bags

VAUGHAN, Ont. — Recipe Unlimited has announced it will remove delivery and take-home plastic bags across its entire network of restaurants — including brands...

Team Green: Operators are Being Driven to Improve Their Environmental Policies

In the ride out from yesterday to tomorrow on the road of foodservice environmental responsibility, the message to the back seat is...

A&W Unveils New Public Installation Made With Plastic Straws

TORONTO — A&W Canada has unveiled a public art installation made from the last of the company's plastic straws. In June 2018, A&W announced it...