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Study Shows West Coast Sockeye Salmon Decline

VANCOUVER — Sockeye salmon that originates in Washington, B.C., southeast Alaska and the Yakutat peninsula, is on decline, according to a report from the...

Scientists Link Salmon Boon to Volcanic Eruption

VANCOUVER — After years of declining numbers, sockeye salmon has made a dramatic — and unprecedented — comeback, which some scientists are attributing to...

Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Make Comeback

VICTORIA, B.C. — Fraser River sockeye salmon fisherman are celebrating this week with news that this year’s run is expected to be the strongest...

Sockeye Squabble

VANCOUVER — According to a recent Globe and Mail story, a battle is brewing over a recent decision by the British-based Marine Stewardship Council...

PM Calls for Inquiry into B.C.’s Declining Salmon

OTTAWA – In the House of Commons yesterday (November 5), Prime Minister Stephen Harper called for an inquiry into the sockeye salmon shortage in...