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Week of May 3, 2010

Ontario’s Inn at Manitou Not Opening for Its 37th YearThe award-winning Inn at Manitou resort in McKellar, Ont., will not be opening...

Fatabase Unveils VanCity’s Fattiest Fare

VANCOUVER — Just in time for the new year — and all the weight-loss resolutions — The Vancouver Sun has created a ‘Fatabase’ with...

Study Calls into Question Sodium Levels in Foods

A new report, released by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), has added fuel to the fire in the debate over...

No Time for Kiddin’ Around

Trans fat has been cut down to size in the past few years and, although there may still be work to do on that...

Experts Claim Canadian Sodium Intake Nearing Crisis Levels

A new report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal claims that reducing dietary sodium consumption in Canada to the recommended levels “would likely decrease...