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Food Photography Encouraged at South African Restaurant


CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Much to the chagrin of countless chefs, the photographing of food at restaurants has become part of the dinner occasion, and now it’s being taken to the next level at El Burro in Cape Town, South Africa, according to Relaxnews.

Chef Garcia to Represent Canada at International Competition


CALGARY — Chef Rupert Garcia is South Africa-bound, preparing to represent Canada at the 2014 Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition in Durban on Sept. 5.

Breakfast Beer for Toronto World Cup Fans?

TORONTO — In a move that likely surprised most in Toronto’s bar scene, Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone, who famously quashed the expansion of that...

Chef Shortage

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – When the 2010 Fifa World Cup comes to South Africa next summer, bringing with it an influx of some 500,000...