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The Power of Partnerships: Terroir Symposium 2020 Wrap Up

After 14 years of bringing food, tourism and hospitality industry partners together to share ideas, make connections and create change, the annual Terroir Symposium...

The Post Pandemic Food Landscape — Today and Tomorrow

TORONTO — For the first Terroir Talk session of this year’s Terroir Symposium, which took place as a three-day virtual event this year, Dr....

Reflecting Canada’s Diverse Reality in Marketing

TORONTO — As part of the Terroir Symposium’s Tuesday lineup, Eden Hagos, founder of Black Foodie, highlighted the lack of diversity that exists in...

13th Annual Terroir Symposium

The Terroir Symposium brings together innovative people from the field of hospitality and tourism, including chefs, hoteliers, drink experts, writers and business leaders.