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Making Sense of Food Safety Legislation


Seinfeld fans will remember the episode when Jerry watches in horror as a pizza server breezes out of the bathroom without washing his hands, then offers the comedian a slice. While the exchange was hilarious on screen, the real-life implications could be very serious. After all, bacteria from unwashed hands can create a life-or-death issue, especially for children, senior citizens, pregnant women or the immuno-suppressed.

Food Safety Leaders Recognized at Safe Food Canada Symposium

BRAMPTON, Ont. — Canadian food-safety leaders were recognized recently as part of the second-annual Food Safety Recognition Awards, held at the Safe Food Canada...

Stevens Named New We Care Chair

TORONTO — Todd Stevens (Smucker Foods of Canada) was recently elected chairman of Friends of We Care for 2012, while Jim Grieb (Flanagan Foodservice)...

CCFCC Partners with TrainCan

TORONTO — The Canadian Culinary Federation (CCFCC) has entered into a partnership with the full-service food-safety training and certification company Traincan Inc., to provide...