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Salisbury Shows Interest In Osborne Village Site

WINNIPEG — The doors haven’t yet closed at Papa George’s in Winnipeg’s Osborne Village, but there are already whispers of the prime real estate...

Cellphones, Texting, Laptops Frustrate Restaurateurs

WINNIPEG — Cellphone ringing, table texting and laptops on tables are a growing annoyance for restaurateurs, according to Maureen Scurfield of the Winnipeg Free...

Manitoba’s Minimum Wage Hike Upsets Industry

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government’s decision to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour on Oct. 1 is being met with criticism by...

Waitress’s Human Right’s Complaint Denied

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has dismissed the claim of a Winnipeg waitress who was fired for shaving her head. Stephanie Lozinski,...

Chefs Without Borders

WINNIPEG — A threesome of travelling toques from Winnipeg were recently recognized with a Tasty Award for best online food travel series. According to...