Takeout Day Unites Canadians to Support their Local Restaurants


TORONTO — Chefs, culinary leaders and personalities from across Canada are joining forces to support the restaurant industry by establishing Takeout Day on April 15, calling on Canadians to order takeout to support local businesses. 

With dine-out services becoming fundamental, Canadians are being inspired to order takeout and/or delivery en-masse for Takeout Day — and every Wednesday following the start of the campaign — in a show of support for the industry and local community. 

How can you get involved?

  • Spread awareness by sharing campaign assets across social-media channels
  • Suppliers and distributors are encouraged to contribute financially to the campaign, allowing the message to reach more Canadians 
  • Chefs, culinary leaders, celebrities and well-known food personalities have the opportunity to record a video to promote #CanadaTakeOut
  • Submit your restaurant, or submit customers’ and clients’ restaurants to the Finder Map on canadatakeout.com

The campaign is hoping to inspire Canadians to support their community and to take an active role in the rescue of an industry that employs millions of people across the country. 

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