New Initiative Launched to Help Struggling Foodservice Industry


TORONTO — The #TAKEOUTTORONTO #DELIVERYTORONTO Project — inspired by similar campaigns happening across the globe — was launched in Toronto recently to raise awareness, support foodservice businesses and bring everyone together in one place.

“It’s been an overwhelming [few] weeks for everyone, including the hospitality industry. Places shuttered while others launched new takeout and delivery options. Some businesses that previously closed are back with new options and formats. In a matter of days, various bars and restaurants transformed into boutique wine shops, grocery stores and neighbourhood bodegas, while new grocers and food shops debuted to help meet demand,” says Stephanie Dickison, who founded the initiative, adding, “It’s impossible to keep up-to-date with who’s doing what right now, because it changes every day.”

She says, while radio stations and online businesses have been offering free ad space for restaurants, “you have to be listening to that station or be on that platform or site. News outlets and blogs are running lists of certain restaurants offering takeout and/or delivery, but it excludes everyone else. Many diners are relying on delivery apps, but it still represents only a portion of businesses offering takeout and delivery, as not everyone can afford the high fees they charge.”

Through the #TAKEOUTTORONTO #DELIVERYTORONTO Project, restaurants, bars, breweries, bakeries, cafes and food shops offering takeout and/or delivery can use #TAKEOUTTORONTO and #DELIVERYTORONTO across their social-media platforms, allowing diners to search for options without having to go to an app or try to keep up with their feeds.

Customers are invited to take the Takeout/Delivery Challenge and support their favourite spots by posting photos of their takeout and delivery orders with the hashtags.

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