Taliup Express Launches First Smart Dine-In Mobile Function


TORONTO — Taliup Express, foodservice POS innovator, is launching its Smart Dine-In mobile function for restaurants looking to merge contactless technology with traditional table service.

“This is the future of dine-in service,” says Adam Mouyal, CEO of Taliup Express. “The dining public now has options – to go contactless, go with a server or go with both. For restaurant merchants that face a 35 to 45-per-cent drop in dine-in business, coupled with staff shortages and a growing need for contactless technology, our new function delivers the best of all worlds.”

For restaurants, staff will have access to the Taliup Express dine-in dashboard through a tablet, where a map of the restaurant’s tables will be visible as well as the number of people seated, customer orders and payment status. All transactions will be logged on the merchant’s dashboard.

For customers, they now have the option to order from their server or online. By scanning the QR code at a table, customers can access the menu, place orders and pay. Customer can also mix ordering styles as table updates will be immediately visible to the server, bar and kitchen.

There are many benefits to this Smart Dine-In hybrid function, such as allowing food merchants to turn tables fast, improving order accuracy, offsetting staffing shortages, using existing staff to upsell and create a better customer experience, elevating customer engagement and streamlining business operations.

“The goal is not to eliminate this job market, but to create an environment for staff in which they can continue doing their job safely and efficiently, while also giving their customers more control over their dining experience,” says Mouyal. “Customer autonomy is key to customer engagement.”

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