Taste of Nova Scotia Returns


HALIFAX — Summer in Ontario will be bountiful this year, as Taste of Nova Scotia brings its province’s culinary riches to various festivals and events in Ontario, in a tour that runs until July 14.

“It’s important for us to get the word out about Nova Scotia as a culinary destination,” said Janice Ruddock, executive director of Taste of Nova Scotia.

“The response in Ontario so far has been beyond what we thought it would be … people see the Nova Scotia brand, the integrity, the credibility, the authenticity of our products and that influences their decision making.”

During each festival, a different toque will helm a 28-foot mobile kitchen, which will serve Nova Scotian favourites such as lobster rolls, haddock burgers and blueberry honey lemonade. Participating chefs include Alain Bosse, culinary ambassador for Nova Scotia; Jeff Wiper, owner and executive chef at The Galley Restaurant and Lounge in Marriotts Cove, N.S.; and Roland Glauser, chef at Charlotte Lane in Shelburne, N.S.

The Taste of Nova Scotia team is scheduled to appear at various festivals such as the Redpath Waterfront Festival in Toronto, the Ottawa Jazz Festival in Ottawa and the TD Sunfest in London, Ont.

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