Team Behind Sunny’s Chinese Open New Restaurant in Yorkville


TORONTO — Tomorrow, the team behind takeout operation Sunny’s Chinese, will open the doors to its newest restaurant, MIMI Chinese on the outskirts of Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood.

In the spring of 2020, founders David Schwartz, Braden Chong and Keith Siu adapted to a rapidly changing restaurant landscape by starting Sunny’s Chinese. What started out as a pop-up with family and friends quickly grew a cult following across the city, offering diners a completely new menu every two weeks. 

Now, with the opening of MIMI Chinese, the team is thrilled to welcome guests to its sister restaurant. While guests can expect the same style and level of food they’ve come to love from Sunny’s Chinese, MIMI Chinese differentiates itself by bringing a higher-end style of service, while still being playful and fun, regaling guests with the theatre of dining. The menu includes larger format sharing plates paired with wine, sake and cocktails. 

“We always wanted MIMI Chinese to be the kind of restaurant where you walk in and lose a sense of place and time,” says executive chef, David Schwartz. “We want people to get lost and forget about their day to day for a brief moment. MIMI Chinese offers a place of wonder that brings back a taste of the past over both new and familiar flavours.” 

MIMI Chinese will pay homage to one of the oldest and most diverse cuisines in the world, with particular emphasis on the southern regions, specifically Guangdong, Sichuan and Hunan. The menu will offer a diverse range of dishes, outlining the region of origin, as well as a QR code with more in-depth information about both the dishes and the regions. Chef Schwartz and his team will also provide guests with a list of other great places to eat in Toronto, where diners can try similar regional dishes in a more casual setting.

“Ultimately, we want our guests to leave MIMI Chinese as excited about Chinese food culture as we are,” says executive sous chef, Braden Chong. 

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