Team Canada Debuts at the World Butchers’ Challenge

Team Canada at WBC wearing Canadian Tuxedos

GUELPH, Ont. —Team Canada competed against 13 other countries for the coveted Friedr. Dick Golden Knife Trophy for the first time at the World Butchers’ Challenge. Known as the ‘Olympics of Meat,’ the event was held Sept. 2 and 3 in Sacramento, Calif. At the end, The Butcher Wolfpack of Germany came out on top.

Heavyweights such as Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, and other teams from across the globe, battled it out over two days for more than 16 awards in various categories, including carving, boning, and finishing skills while turning a side of beef, pork, a whole lamb and five chickens in just over three hours.

Team Canada faced challenges with closing their shops to meet and train for two to three days at a time. Team Captain Peter Baarda dealt with personal challenges leading up to the competition and used his challenges as fuel in his drive to succeed. 

“I set out on a mission, and I wouldn’t let anything slow down our progress as a team,” says Baarda. “The team supported me wholeheartedly, making us closer and stronger.” 

“When Peter Baarda asked Meat and Poultry Ontario (MPO) to be the supporting organization, we accepted because we knew the importance of highlighting the skills of our Canadian butchers and competing at a world level would show others how good we were,” says Franco Naccarato, executive director of MPO.

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