Technomic Finds Innovation is Bringing New Excitement to the Burger Category in Canada


CHICAGO — More Canadians are ordering burgers from foodservice at least once a month and the growth of the LSR burger category is outpacing the industry, according to new research from Technomic. In the 2019 Canadian Burger Consumer Trend Report, Technomic dives into the factors at play, including innovations such as plant-based burgers and unique flavour profiles.

“The bigger the burger category gets, the more important it is operators maintain points of differentiation,” explains Charles Winship, manager of Consumer Insights at Technomic. “Responding to demands for plant-based options as well as spicier, bolder flavours will be critical as brands look to offer burgers that truly stand out.”

Other key takeaways from the report include:

  • 70 per cent of consumers who eat burgers typically purchase one from a fast-food restaurant at least once a month, up from 66 per cent in 2017
  • 41 per cent of consumers who eat burgers strongly agree they’re concerned about the quality and freshness of burgers ordered for delivery
  • 42 per cent of 18- to 34-year-olds who eat burgers expect restaurants to offer at least one plant-based burger option

Compiling findings from more than 1,100 consumer responses, the 2019 Canadian Burger Consumer Trend Report helps operators and suppliers better understand how consumer consumption, attitudes and preferences for burgers are evolving and to identify prime opportunity areas. 

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