Technomic: Latin American and Asian Dishes to Rule 2014


CHICAGO — Latin American and Asian-inspired dishes will become next year’s biggest food trend, especially when topped with condiments such as Sriracha, ghost peppers, kimchi, jalapeños, Thai chilies, and Korean gochuchang, according to Technomic’s latest trends release.

The Chicago-based research firm predicts the popularity of sweet-and-sour flavours, ranging from mild tangy to tart, and including cranberries and citrus, Greek yogurt and kombucha.

Carb-heavy dishes such as ramen, poutine and “designer” doughnuts will take centre of plate, while chefs reinvigorate traditional pizza, pasta and fries.

As diners seek low-sodium, low-calorie and GMO-free foods, descriptors such as “free,” “reduced,” “lower” and “without” will be spotlighted on menus, with “gluten-free” taking the top spot. Finally, kitchen craftsmanship will take the spotlight, fuelled by the emphasis on artisanal and house-made foods. Diners will see more chefs preparing pickles, beer and bitters from scratch.

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