Technomic Launches Guide for Operators Entering the U.S. Market


CHICAGO — Technomic Inc. has published a new report designed to aid international companies with an interest in the U.S. foodservice industry.

“Opportunity assessment for international operators looking to enter the U.S. market has long been a core capability of ours,” says Sara Monnette, vice-president of Innovation at Technomic. “It’s increasingly apparent that there is a need for syndicated research to assist restaurant and retail operators looking to plan and execute a market-entry strategy.”

The Entering the U.S. Market: A Guide for Foodservice Operators report features industry projections, attributes of successful chains, key areas of opportunity when targeting consumers and the percentage of each demographic that visits restaurants and retail.

“We look forward to providing international operators with foundational information on the foodservice industry in the U.S. to support their business decisions to enter the U.S. marketplace,” says Patrick Noone, EVP at Technomic. “This, along with our custom advisory services, will allow companies to understand their opportunity and challenges as they embark on international growth initiatives.”

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