Technomic Predicts Continued Success of Bakery and Coffee Cafés


CHICAGO — Technomic’s Canadian Bakery & Coffee Café Consumer Trend Report reveals that cafés will continue to thrive as they meet consumers’ demands for affordability and convenience while providing quality.

Though facing fierce competition from quick-service restaurants aiming to claim a share in this market, enhanced beverage programs, the addition of higher quality fare and the continued integration of technology are helping to keep bakery and coffee cafés ahead of the competition.

The report found that 77 per cent of consumers visit coffee cafés each month while 34 per cent visit bakery cafés as often. It also found that customers choose each for different reasons. More than half of those surveyed reported visiting coffee cafés mostly for beverages while 42 per cent visited bakery cafés for their food offerings.

“Cafés should highlight and continue to focus efforts on what sets them apart from others in the space, particularly quality, a better-for-you positioning and the overall experience,” said Kelly Weikel, director of Consumer Insights at Technomic. “But increased competition means they now also have to work harder at justifying price points, innovating their food and beverage lineups but still meeting consumer needs for convenience.”

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