Technomic Reveals Canadian Flavour Opportunities


CHICAGO — Technomic has released its 2019 Canadian Flavour Consumer Trend Report, which explores the occasions and opportunities for adding new, innovative flavours to menus. 

The report findings indicate flavour trends influence every menu item an operator offers and the flavour lifecycle is ever-evolving. For example, 65 per cent of consumers indicated they like trying new flavours from time to time, with 52 per cent likely to try new flavours at full-service restaurants.

“To pique consumer interest, operators should create a balanced menu to ensure dishes remain approachable and still drive cravings,” explains Natalie Barone, research analyst at Technomic. “Adding unique flavours to familiar, craveable dishes can help combine familiarity and innovation in a way that resonates with consumers.”

The report also found 59 per cent of consumers define a “unique flavour” as one they’ve never had before and 47 per cent prefer very spicy foods.

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