Technomic Tracks Consumer Experience at 100 U.S. Chains


CHICAGO — Technomic Inc., the Chicago-based research firm, has introduced a new program that tracks consumer experiences using 55 different attributes of the leading 100 restaurant chains in the U.S.

The Consumer Restaurant Brand Metrics program is designed to track the complete customer experience, from food and service to value and convenience.

“Nearly all restaurant operators are making consistent efforts to track their own successes and failures, but there are very few companies with the resources to track their own results and benchmark those against other brands across all restaurant segments,” explains Darren Tristano, EVP at the firm. “This program provides an extremely affordable way for operators to establish their strengths and weaknesses in the overall context of the market and for suppliers to better understand their key accounts.”

The Brand Metrics program information is updated twice annually and provides a nationally representative sample of more than 25,000 restaurant visits per year. 

Details about the Consumer Restaurant Brand Metrics program can be found at

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