Tesco Launches Barcode Scanner App


LONDON, U.K. — Tesco, a UK-founded global grocery and retail superstore, launched the UK’s first transactional barcode scanner for the iPhone today.

The scanner is a new addition to the Tesco Groceries application, and it allows shoppers to scan an item and add it to a home delivery order. The app is geared towards busy shoppers who come across new food ideas on the fly or need to replace a depleted snack when there’s no time to hit the grocery store.

“We’sre always looking for ways to make life easier for customers and for busy moms, in particular,” Laura Wade-Gery, chief executive of Tesco.com and Tesco Direct told the UK Guardian. “The barcode scanner will make online ordering much quicker for those who have an iPhone. Customers can simply scan the barcode of grocery products stocked by Tesco while on the go and add them into their online shopping basket.”

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