The 2018 Restaurants Canada Innovation Showcase

The Restaurants Canada show returns to the Enercare Centre in Toronto Feb. 25 to 27. The show is set to showcase a wide variety of new food-and-beverage products, equipment and technology. Here is sneak peek at some of the items that will be on display:


The M-iClean UM with GiO Module features an internal reverse-osmosis system that removes dissolved salts and soils, providing outstandingly clean final rinse water. Glasses dry spot-free without the need for hand-polishing. The handle of the M-iClean is ergonomically designed and extends slightly from the front of the machine so that its illumination is visible from any angle or distance.

Booth# 615


Paying homage to its past and extraordinary history — with roots dating back 185 years to the early days of the iconic St. Lawrence Market — macgregors meat & seafood ltd. is showcasing authentic dry-aged premium beef from its forthcoming new artisanal custom butcher space: The Wickson Room. 

Booth 5124


Vector Multi‐Cook Ovens feature exclusive Structured Air Technology — a breakthrough in cooking technology that’s in a category by itself. Imagine the flexibility, variety and space-savings with up to four ovens in one. Control temperature, fan speed and time in multiple, independent oven chambers for unmatched versatility, superior evenness and more.

Booth 2421 & 2521


Witness cooking innovation live. See how the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch or poach food — all with a click of a button and within a space of about one square metre. Try our delicious samples or book a reservation at our booth’s restaurant.

Booth 1521


Sysco leads from the heart of food and service to deliver the freshest foods and fresh ideas. Our customers can count on us to deliver on-point products and solutions. Sysco is the global leader, sitting at the heart of innovation, supply, delivery, culinary and more.

Booth 2613

Wholesale Club

Wholesale Club is a one-stop location for everything foodservice. As Canada’s leading self-serve wholesaler for foodservice, we have 49 locations coast to coast. We maintain a wide assortment of more than 7,000 quality foodservice items and offer a no-fee business membership and other cost savings for small businesses.

Booth 2537

Chef Works

Chef Works Inc., is a solutions-based, global leader in culinary and hospitality apparel. We are family owned and operated and offer an expansive array of styles that range from classic to contemporary. Stylish and durable, Chef Works apparel is the right fit for any uniform program. 

Booth 929

Rose Hill

Rose Hill Foods has invited celebrity chef Antonio Park (Chopped Canada, Drake’s Pick 6ix, Park and Lavanderia restaurants) to RC 2018 on Monday, Feb. 26 to cook up exciting, flavourful culinary solutions using its premium-grade liquid marinades and natural meat glaces. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet one of our country’s most creative chefs.

Booth 2242