The Castell Project Releases Fifth-Annual Women in Hospitality Industry-Leadership Report


ATLANTA — The Castell Project has released its 2022 Women in Hospitality Industry-Leadership report.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Women now hold one leadership spot for every 10.3 men, an improvement from one to 11.2 in 2019;
  • At the manager/director levels, women now hold one in three hospitality-brokerage positions and one in six at the VP/SVP/EVP level. Broker representation went from one woman to 10.1 men in 2017 to one woman to 7.2 men in 2021;
  • More women (29 per cent) occupy brokerage positions than ever before, up six per cent from 2015, according to CREW Network;
  • The number of women holding VP/SVP/EVP positions at hotel-investment conferences doubled while the number of men did not change materially;
  • Women speak at 22 per cent of hospitality-investment conference podiums, up from 16 per cent in 2017.

“As the hospitality industry re-builds the jobs it has lost since the start of the pandemic, developing career opportunities for women and minorities is even more vital in the hotel sector,” says Peggy Berg, Chair, Castell Project, Inc. “This report tracks progress and we are seeing more women in senior executive roles, successfully advancing every aspect of their companies. There are more women on the podium, building their own careers and inspiring others. There are more women owners, including women of colour. Recognition of the value and importance of diverse leadership is now widespread, so we expect these trends to accelerate. We are also seeing new challenges. Enrollment at college and university hospitality programs is declining among men, as well as women. Hospitality advanced education is the industry’s talent pipeline. Our Castell@College initiative inspires students by showing them desirable futures through the hospitality industry. However, broader work to upgrade the industry’s reputation as an employer and career option is critical for women and the industry.”

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