The Chopped Leaf Introduces New Menu Items


OAKVILLE — The Chopped Leaf has added two new limited-time salads and wraps to its menu — Sun Goddess and Berry Breeze.

Beery Breeze features a sweet blend of spinach, cranberries, blueberries, pecans, red onions, feta, apples and pita chips, tossed in their fruit vinaigrette dressing. Sun Goddess is a fresh blend of chopped mix, tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, carrots, green onions, crushed falafel, mozzarella and pita chips tossed in their savoury signature goddess dressing.

“The inspiration behind these dishes is simple: they’re a combination of fan favourites and global trends,” says Chef Derek Easton, The Chopped Leaf’s Product and Development manager. “Utilizing fresh fruits and vinaigrettes in a salad as the months heat up, as well as incorporating plant-based protein, are the two essential parts of each dish. These new menu items have been designed to help people feel fuelled yet refreshed during the months when people tend to opt for lighter options.” 

The Chopped Leaf expanded the awareness of its new limited-time menu items last month when launching its Summer Salad Naming Contest to engage customers and give them the opportunity to submit their own creative entries for the chance to win a prize.

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