The Chopped Leaf Partners with Canadian Athletes


Oakville, Ont. — The Chopped Leaf is seeking Canadian athletes to partner with and become ambassadors during their training. 

As a Canadian brand, The Chopped Leaf recognizes the importance of proper nutrition and values the fact that each ingredient and its nutritional breakdown plays a key role within how the body functions optimally. While athletes focus their energy on training, The Chopped Leaf wants to take care of the food.

The lifestyle brand offers a menu that is fully customizable and is transparent about its ingredients. Regardless of what an individual’s needs are based on their calorie intake and sport, the brand aligns itself with the goal of eating for performance.

“The Chopped Leaf has been a staple in my diet for years. Nutrition has always been important to me as it plays a key role in how I perform and how I feel,” says Neville Wright, Canadian bobsledder and three-time Olympian. “Having meals on-the-go that never compromise quality is something a lot of athletes value, including myself.” 

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