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TORONTO — Great photography isn’t static. The best work captures the movement, energy, colour and sound of a particular moment — or a movement — and preserves it for eternity. There’s life in those photos that goes well beyond images on glossy paper.

That’s what Toronto-based photographer John Gundy set out to achieve when he embarked on a five-year project to shoot some of the inspirational figures in Ontario’s foodservice community. His portfolio includes active portraits of chefs, growers and other key stakeholders who, through their determined work and leadership, have shown tremendous stewardship over food culture in this city.

“My photographs contain images harvested locally from food events,” said Gundy. “I go in search of honest and active portraits of people deeply engaged in their activity and process and seen at a vital moment of expression, focus and creation.”

A tiny selection of the 150,000-plus frames Gundy shot as he documented Toronto’s local food landscape will soon be available for viewing. The Event — A Photography Exhibition runs from March 18 to 27 at The Department Gallery at 1389 Dundas St. W.

In a unique presentation, the entire cache of Gundy’s 150,000 images will also be shown in a high-speed video montage, capturing the life that flashed before his eyes during that period.

The opening reception on March 18 is available to the public but, for two special evenings, four of Toronto’s top chefs will be collaborating on all-local menus as the gallery is transformed into a cosy dining room. Limited tickets for the dinners, slated for March 25 and March 27, are available at $150 (all inclusive).

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