The Globe and Mail: Wok Box Founder to Launch New Concept in Alberta


EDMONTON — Alberta is a hot bed of restaurant growth, according to one entrepreneur who is launching his fourth restaurant concept this year, reports The Globe and Mail.

Christian Bullock, who co-founded The Canadian Brewhouse (nine Alberta locations); Wok Box (62 locations) and Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (15 locations), is set to launch a new pub concept called Butcher, Baker, Fresh Beer Maker in Edmonton later this year.

“[Alberta is] an amazing environment to do business, in many ways … The client is, for us, some of the best in the country,” said Bullock. The proof is in the facts, as consumer restaurant spending in Alberta was, on average, $2,453 per household in 2011, which is higher than any other province, according to The Globe. [].

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