The Great Transgenic Debate


GUELPH, Ont. — First came news of AquAdvantage genetically modified salmon, and now the debate over GMOs heats up with word of Guelph Ont.’s Enviropigs.

A recent Globe and Mail article details the transgenic conundrum that our nation is facing anew, with a report that 20 Enviropigs have been under development for more than a decade at Ontario’s University of Guelph. The goal is to breed a new kind of pig that “minimizes the environmental impact of the animals’ waste, reducing a major pollutant from large-scale production,” which will ultimately slash operational costs.

According to the Globe, as the world’s population balloons over the next few decades, some experts agree genetically engineered organisms will need to be introduced. The fast growing AquAdvantage salmon has already been declared safe for consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the new pig may not be far behind.

But, many are not happy about the progress. “Genetically engineered animals are so far from what consumers want, so far from the trend looking toward a sustainable local food system, it doesn’st make any sense that governments would waste taxpayers’s money assessing the safety,” Lucy Sharratt, co-ordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, told the Globe.

For the Globe’s complete story, click here.


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