The Nourish Network Releases Annual Trend Report


TORONTO — Nourish Food Marketing, in partnership with Kahntact has released its annual trend report. Heavily influenced by the most unusual year of our lifetimes, the 2021 Nourish Network Trend Report is a mix of newly emerged patterns and existing trends radically altered by the pandemic.

“Our fifth-annual report looks at the forces driving change across the entire food continuum,” says Jo-Ann McArthur, president of Nourish Food Marketing. “The pandemic caused the equivalent of 10 years of change in 10 months. What we once knew and past behaviours are no longer reliable indicators.”

The 2021 report dives into a dozen key trends that will shape the food, beverage and agriculture landscape in 2021 and beyond. The trends are:

  • Two Canadas: The Polarization of Society 
  • Set the Table: Return of the Family Mealtime 
  • Values-based Eating: Social Justice in the Food Industry 
  • Knowledge-based Eating: Radical Transparency & Full Disclosure 
  • Ethics-based Eating: Reducing Your Environmental Impact 
  • Beyond Local: Hyper-localization of Products & Services 
  • Functional Food 2.0: Eating for Resiliency & Preventative Healthcare 
  • The Rise of Omnichannel: Part I – Linking Purchase & Prep Through Digital
  • The Rise of Omnichannel: Part II – Unbundling the Restaurant Experience for Home
  • Help Wanted: Filling Employment Gaps in the Agri-food Sector 
  • Grassroots Movement: Investing in Soil Health for Industry & the Environment
  • Next-Gen Farming: Accelerated Integration of Digital Tech & Agriculture

“COVID-19 forced Canada’s food industry to lift its veil when Canadians experienced food shortages, likely for the first time in their lives,” says Len Kahn, president of Kahntact. “This further shows the opportunity and need for clearer transparency around Canadian agriculture. Consumers trust farmers, but not farming, and that is something that needs to change.”

The 2021 Nourish Trend Report is online now. To read the full report, click here.

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