Recipe: The Spanish Burger


Recipe by Hellmann’s Canada

The Spanish burger consists of a grilled beef patty with sweet onions, Manchego cheese, roasted red peppers and is topped with an olive mayonnaise.

900 g (32 oz) ground beef; 12 g patties 225 g
(8 oz) Manchego cheese 225 g
(8 oz) sweet onion, grilled or raw 225 g
(8 oz) red bell pepper, roasted, cut into wide strips
8 hamburger buns or kaiser rolls 225 g
(8 oz) mayonnaise 55 g
(2 oz) black olives, cured, chopped
15 ml (1 tbsp) capers, drained, chopped 5 ml
(1 tsp) paprika

Prepare olive mayonnaise: in small bowl, combine mayonnaise, olives, capers and paprika; reserve. Grill or boil ground beef patties until desired temperature. When patties are nearly cooked, top each with 28 grams of cheese. Cover or place under salamander until cheese melts. Spread one bun evenly with 25 millilitres of olive mayonnaise. On the bottom of the bun, place one ground beef patty, one slice of onion and 28 grams of red pepper. Replace top of bun and repeat to make eight burgers.

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