The Timbit Turns 35


OAKVILLE, Ont. — The Tim Hortons Timbit turns 35 this summer, and Top Chef Canada’s Andrea Nicholson has helped commemorate the occasion by baking a special cake comprised of 1,500 of the doughnut morsels.

“I designed the cake to be a true Timbit celebration,” said Nicholson. “I really wanted the Timbits on the top of the box to look like fireworks exploding. Timbits are an iconic Canadian snack, and every Canadian knows and loves them. Having the opportunity to create the 35th birthday cake was an absolute blast.”

Since the Timbit was created in 1976, enough have been consumed to stretch to the moon and back almost five times if laid end to end. And, now there’s more Timbits to enjoy with the recent introduction of banana glazed and blueberry glazed to the selection of more than 35 flavours.

Aside, from appealing to the taste buds, millions of kids have benefited from Tim Hortons Timbits sponsorship while playing sports such as soccer, hockey, lacrosse and baseball. 

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