The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro Becomes The WORKS Craft Burgers & Beer

Burger and beer from The WORKS' redesigned menu

OAKVILLE, Ont. — The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro re-launched Monday as The WORKS Craft Burgers & Beer, featuring a new menu that includes new craft burgers, taps and tallboys, poutines and milkshakes.

The re-launch is an effort to better represent its high-quality food with a refreshed menu, crew uniforms, website and craft-beer selection.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the new WORKS Craft Burgers & Beer, which we feel is a better expression of our brand as it highlights our key focus on gourmet crafted burgers and enhanced craft-beer selection,” says Bruce Miller, president of The WORKS. “Our guests can still enjoy the same great burgers and beers they’ve come to love, plus some soon to be new favourites. And, of course, along with our enhanced new look, we’re absolutely committed to the health and well-being of our valued guests and staff to provide the safest environment possible.”

The re-crafted WORKS menu includes all the popular burgers, along with seven other unique patty options, such as Kobe-style Wagyu, plant-based Beyond and signature Elk. New to the line-up is the “Not Your Grandpa’s BBQ Burger,” featuring maple bacon, smoked brisket, maple bacon jam and bacon-garlic aioli ($17.98); The Pig Popper featuring bacon, cream cheese, sliced jalapenos and sweet & tangy sauce ($16.97); and the Hella Nutella featuring maple bacon, an onion ring and Nutella ($18.52).

Guests can wash down one of the new burgers with new craft taps and tallboys or a brand-new crafted milkshake, such as the Birthday Cake Cookie Dough, Bella Nutella or Shake What Your Brownie Gave Ya! New crafted poutines include the Tragically Poutine, featuring fresh-cut fries, cheese curds, gravy, crumbled maple bacon, crispy bacon sticks and bacon-roasted-garlic aioli ($12.12) or Brisket Case Poutine with fresh-cut fries, cheese curds, gravy and smoked beef brisket tossed in Smokey BBQ sauce ($12.73).

The Oakville, Ont. location is the first to have the complete re-designed brand look, but all locations will feature the new menu, new uniforms and new menu items.

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