This Year’s Ex to Tout Deep Fried Butter


TORONTO — Deep-fried chocolate and bananas may sound indulgent, but that’s nothing compared to the new buzz food at Toronto’s annual fair, The Ex, this year — deep-fried butter.

A gaggle of journalists were invited to the Canadian National Exhibition recently to sample the nosh in this year’s food building at The Ex, and now Vicky Skinkle’s butter balls are the talk of the town. The indulgent treats are made with butter combined with secret ingredients, dipped in funnel cake batter, fried for 20 seconds and served with a drizzle of raspberry, chocolate, caramel or vanilla and icing sugar.

“It kind of looks like chicken balls and, yes, it does sound kind of nasty, but when you taste it, you’ll change your mind about it,” Skinkle of the Vicky Skinkle’s Sweet Treats concession, is quoted as saying in the Toronto Sun.

The feedback has been good for the unusual dessert, which, according to the Toronto Star, was originally invented by Dallas resident Abel Gonzales Jr., who has already won trophies for his deep-fried coke and deep-fried peanut butter.

The Ex kicks off tomorrow, Aug. 20, and runs until Sept. 6.


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