Three Quebec Regions Mandate Restaurant Dining-Room Closures


MONTREAL — Quebec’s Premier is shutting down in-restaurant dining in the wake of increasing COVID-19 cases in parts of the province. As of midnight tonight, three zones in Quebec will all fall under Quebec’s red-alert COVID-19 zone, which will see restaurant dining-rooms, bars, taverns, movie theatres, libraries, concert halls and casinos close down. Takeout is still allowed for restaurants.

The Greater Montreal area (including Laval and the South Shore), the Quebec City area and Chaudiere-Appalaches are all affected.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault made the announcement Monday evening at a news conference, calling the situation ‘critical’ and saying the time has come to make difficult decisions.

The new restrictions came after Quebec reported 750 new Coronavirus cases and are set to last for 28 days, until Oct. 28, in the red zones. The restrictions are: 

  • A ban on home gatherings, with some exceptions, such as a single caregiver allowed per visit
  • All bars, casinos and restaurants are closed (takeout only).
  • Libraries, museums, cinemas and theatres will also be closed
  • Being less than two metres apart will be prohibited. Masks will be mandatory during demonstrations
  • Houses of worship and venues for events, such as funerals and weddings, will have a 25-person limit
  • Hair salons, hotels and other such businesses will stay open
  • Schools will remain open

Private gatherings are banned and public gatherings have a cap of 25 people. Travel out of red zones is also discouraged.

“We recommend strongly people don’t travel between regions,” said Legault, adding police could be patrolling or establishing roadblocks in the future.

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