Thuet Releases Cookbook


TORONTO — Marc Thuet, renowned chef and star of CityTv’s Conviction Kitchen, recently released a cookbook that showcases his take on French cuisine.

French Food My Way (Penguin Publishing, $39), penned by the rough-around-the-edges TV personality and owner of Toronto’s recently closed Conviction Restaurant — which was staffed by ex-cons and formed the plot for his reality TV series — contains more than 100 recipes organized by season.

The tome aims to help home cooks create such specialties as white truffle scrambled eggs, a three-meat burger with goat cheese and Scott’s Prison Chicken (a dish from Conviction), among other things.

“Think of these recipes as guides, just like the pamphlet you got at driving school,” Thuet writes. “You don’t still drive the way it said you were supposed to, do you? And, that’s okay, as long as you avoid having accidents. In the kitchen, as on the road, confidence comes with practice and experience.”

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