Tim Hortons Announces Changes to Roll Up the Rim To Win in Light of Current Public-Health Environment


TORONTO — Tim Hortons is eliminating its paper Roll-Up-The-Rim cups across Canada.  

“We’ll always do the right thing for guests, restaurant owners and 100,000 team members,” says said Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Hortons. “Given the current public-health environment, we decided to make a change to our contest [and] have redistributed all $30 million in prizes to restaurant giveaways and our digital Roll-Up-The-Rim contest.”

A news release yesterday states the chain “doesn’t believe it’s the right time for team members in our restaurants to collect rolled-up tabs that have been in people’s mouths.” Tim Hortons is working with its sustainability team to responsibly collect all of the paper Roll-Up-The-Rim cups to ensure they’re appropriately recycled.

Tim Hortons recognizes that some guests will miss the excitement of rolling up the paper cups, so it’s made the digital contest even more exciting with $16 million worth of prizes — in addition to the $14 million giveaway at restaurants all guests can benefit from, regardless whether they play the digital game.

The chain is redistributing the $14 million in prizes currently under the rims of Roll-Up-The-Rim cups to $14 million free coffee and hot-beverage giveaways at restaurants for guests who make a coffee or hot-beverage purchase — approximately $1 million per day for the first two weeks. This also represents 1:9 odds per transaction at participating restaurants. Cash registers at participating restaurants are being programmed to randomize the coffee and hot-beverage giveaway and winning guests will automatically be credited for their beverage at the time of purchase.  

All the other prizes currently under the rims — including cars, TVs, reward miles, pre-paid gift cards and Tims gift cards — can now be won through the digital Roll-Up-The-Rim contest that runs for the entire four-week period. 

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